What's Your SHG Savings Number?

Estimated Yearly Savings:



# of times you eat out for lunch?
# of times you eat out for dinner?


# of times you order pizza per month?
Amount you spend on groceries per month?
Amount you spend on non-food items at Walmart or Target monthly?
# of games of mini golf, laser tag, or bowling?
Amount you spend on beauty and personal care items per month?
Amount you spend on your pets per month?


# of nights in a hotel per year?
# of week long vacations? (condos or resorts)
# of movie tickets you buy per year?
Amount you spend on Furniture per year?
Amount you spend on Jewelry per year?
# of days you rent a car?
Amount you spend on plane tickets per year?
# of rounds of golf per year?
# of days on a cruise per year?
# of theme park tickets per year?
# of live theatrical event tickets per year?
Amount you spend on concert tickets per year?
# of times you send flowers or arrangements per year?
# of ski lift tickets?
# of sporting events tickets?
Amount will you spend on tires in the next 12 months?
# of oil changes per year? (include all cars)
# of times you will hire a carpet cleaning service?

Professional Services

# of times you use roadside assistance? (up to 5 times)
# of times you will consult with a lawyer?
# of recurring domain names? (example: GoDaddy)


# of times do you see a general doctor per year? (All family members)
Amount you spend on prescriptions per year?
Amount you spend on prescription eyewear & eye exams?
Amount you spend on mail order contacts per year?

Shopping Annually

Amount you spend on computers, laptops and electronics per year?
Amount you spend on clothing per year?

Tax Deductions

What's Your Savings Number?

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